Prayer Requests

“I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me” (Col. 1:29).

Dear Praying Friends

We are very excited at the way the Lord has been moving in our midst over these last few months. There is a new spring in our step as we work on enhancing our academic programs and organizing our departments. Please pray for us:

· Now that we are into this new thrust of development we are in the process of recruiting more students. Our desire is to attract men of quality with a burden to minister and serve their own people. We aim to over the next three to five years is to have 300 full-time students, more than 500 in distance education and 3-5,000 receiving non formal training on site through seminars, conferences and various forums.

· We expect an unprecedented number of new students for the Fall of 2014. Pray that Lord will supply adequate funds for scholarships that provide for their living and tuition expenses.

· However, to expand our impact, we need to finish the campus. We are looking at the second of three phases on the way to full completion. This second phase includes housing for students and conferees, cafeteria, TV and radio studios through which our teaching and programs are made available to millions of Arabs around the world. All these structures are built but the inside finishing is still untouched! Added to these are the parking, landscape and campus entrance. The campus, when finished, will not only house the seminary, but it will also serve as a major conference center, thus opening new and unprecedented doors of expansion and impact. Pray that funding will come in the near future.

· Pray for our faculty growth spiritually, academically and that the number of the indigenous personnel would increase.

· Pray for the dedication of our campus on August 22, 2014. This will take place, along with our 18th Graduation. Details will follow.

Thank you for walking with us!