Acceptance Procedures

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Acceptance Procedures

All applicants are evaluated on the basis of:

1. The submission of an application form and accompanying documents. Specifically:

a. Complete application form.

b. Two recent pictures.

c. Three recommendations, one each from:

A pastor or elder of the church the student attends.

A previous or current employer.

A friend.

d. Income statement for full-time students seeking a living scholarship.

e. Signed JETS Statement of Faith.

f. Non-refundable registration fee.

2. Previous academic records:

a. For preparatory and basic levels: Tawjihi or equivalent.

b. For the advanced level: Bachelor degree or equivalent from a recognized institution.

3. Stated interest in specific program.

4. Evidence of being a believer for a minimum of three years.

5. A personal interview with the Admissions Committee. As for non-Jordanians, provisional acceptance may be given to facilitate their travels to Jordan, but this will be followed by personal meeting with the Admissions Committee for final acceptance. If the applicant is not accepted they will be required to return to their home country at their own expense.

6. Any student graduating from JETS at the basic level and wanting to continue to the advanced level has to have the approval of the Academic Committee after the initial approval of the Admissions Committee.

- Please note that all forms are available from the JETS Admission’s Office.

The Admissions Committee will consider all of the above, along with how the applicant’s stated vision matches their potential for undertaking the program applied for. The committee can only meet to evaluate an application after all of the required information is received by the Admissions Office, which then becomes the property of JETS. Please also note that students accepted at the advanced level off-season will find adjusting to course requirements and JETS life difficult. They will miss orientation and foundational courses, but will be expected to work hard to maintain a satisfactory GPA.