List of Courses- Spring 2018

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    BTH Level:                                     

                New Testament Survey II            

                Struggle in Spiritual Growth        

                Survey of Doctrine II      

                Survey of Church History             

                New Testament Survey II            

                Exposition of Selected Psalms  

                English Comprehension II            


                Eastern Church History                 

                Senior Theology              

                Creative Bible Teaching                

                Exposition of Selected Psalms   

                Contextualised Communication               

                Introduction to World Philosophy 


    M.A.B.S Level:                             

                1st Samuel through Amos           

                Advanced Hermeneutics             

                The  Pauline Epistles      

                Global Perspective on Human Rights 


M.A.B.S evening:                            

                Christian Education

                The Gospels and Acts 

Open Course in English only Trinity I , 27 January to 7 May Saturdays  9.15 am to 12pm Dr. Imad Shehadeh


M.Div Level:     

                Advanced Studies in  Eastern Church History      

                New Testament Backgrounds     

                Old Testament Backgrounds      

                Pastoral Theology           

             Advanced Studies in the Book of James    


 D.Min Level:

             A history of the Reformation and it’s relevancy to the Church

            Advanced Hermeneutics