Certificate of Biblical Studies

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Certificate of Biblical Studies (CBS)


This one-year program is open to those who have successfully completed high school/Tawjihi (or equivalent). 



The purpose of this program is to provide students with a first level encounter with theological study; theology, Bible and ecclesiastical history. This program will equip students to help in local church ministry, as well as better prepare them to stand strong in their faith if they go on to a secular university to complete their education. God may use this year to lead the student to continue on to the JETS B.Th. program of study (with this fulfilling most of the first year's requirements).



·            Is established in the basic doctrines of evangelical Christianity.

·            Understands and can practice the disciplines of the Christian life.

·            Has an overview of the structure, themes, and chronology of the Old or New Testament.

·            Can apply principles of hermeneutics to discover the meaning and relevant applications of a Bible text.

·            Can share his/her faith with those in the surrounding Arab culture.

·            Discovers how God has individually gifted, designed, and called him/her for service.


Following is a list of courses required for the C.B.S.  Part-time, visiting and auditing students need to organize their course schedule with the Registrar.



Course List


Field Ministry (2 hours) – one every semester

CS 101

Computer Skills (2 hours)

RS 101

Research Methods (2 hours )

PM 100

CE 330

Introduction to Music and Worship (2 hours) or

Character in Leadership & the Family (2 hours)

PT 110    

Struggle in Spiritual Growth (3 hours)

BI 101      

Bible Study Methods (3 hours)

OT 101    

Old Testament Survey I (3 hours)*

OT 102    

Old Testament Survey II (3 hours)*

NT 101    

New Testament Survey I (3 hours)*

NT 102    

New Testament Survey II (3 hours)*

TH 101     

Survey of Doctrine I (3 hours)

TH 102     

Survey of Doctrine II (3 hours)

TH 230     

Survey of Church History (3 hours)


Bible Book (3 hours)

Total 32 Credit Hours





















Students will take either of the following:

a)        OT 101 and OT 102.


b)        NT 101 and NT 102.