Diploma in Biblical Studies

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Diploma in Biblical Studies (DBS)

This two-year program is open to those who have successfully completed high school/Tawjihi (or equivalent).

- Purpose

The purpose of this program is to provide an introductory level program that better equips the student to understand and live out the Christian faith in the midst of a non-Christian world. Due to the design of this program, students who sense God leading them toward more in-depth training or full-time ministry are able to transfer everything they have studied into the JETS' B.Th. program (with this fulfilling most of the first two years’ requirements). 

- Goals

1. Educational Goals

•      To discover how God has gifted, designed, and called them to serve Him.

•      To understand and practice the disciplines of the Christian life, including that of sharing one's faith with others in the Arab world.

2. Spiritual Goals

•      To possess a general understanding of both Old and New Testaments, along with a more detailed knowledge of                 various Bible Books.

•      To evidence a familiarity with the historical development of basic doctrines of the Christian faith.     

3. Ministry Goals

  • To gain valuable ministry experience that is built on an understanding of his or her spiritual gifts and calling.
  • To demonstrate an ability to accurately study the Scriptures with a heart and ability to apply what they learn for life-change, as well as effectively teach it to others.
  • To show a commitment to use what they have learned about themselves, the Bible, theology, and ministry skills to be actively involved in the local church that they are a part of.


Course List


Field Ministry (4 hours) – one every semester.

CS 101    

Computer Skills (2 hours ).

RS 101    

Research Methods (2 hours ).

EN 400   

Introduction to the English Language (3 hours).

PM 100   

Introduction to Music and Worship (2 hours).

PM 290   

Pastoral Counseling I (3 hours).

CE 260    

Teaching-Learning Process (3 hours) or elective.

CE 330    

Character in Leadership & the Family (2 hours).

PT 110    

Struggle in Spiritual Growth (3 hours).

PT 460    

Relationships (2 hours).

BI 101      

Bible Study Methods (3 hours).

OT 101    

Old Testament Survey I (3 hours).

OT 102    

Old Testament Survey II (3 hours).

NT 101    

New Testament Survey I (3 hours).

NT 102    

New Testament Survey II (3 hours).

TH 101    

Survey of Doctrine I (3 hours).

TH 102    

Survey of Doctrine II (3 hours).

TH 103    

Christian Arab Heritage (2 hours).

TH 205    

Ethics (2 hours).

TH 230    

Survey of Church History (3 hours).

TH 250    

Eastern Church History (2 hours).


Bible Books (5 hours).


Electives  (3 hours).

Total 64 Credit Hours