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Bachelor in Theology (B.Th.) 


This four-year program is open to high school graduates who have completed their Tawjihi (or equivalent).


- Purpose

The purpose of this program is to equip servant-leaders for effective ministry throughout the Arab world by giving them a solid foundation in theological and biblical studies through which a firm grasp may be gained of the fundamental doctrines (beliefs) of the Christian faith and how to relate to life and culture in the Middle East. Students become equipped with skills to be able to serve as pastors, Bible teachers, or ministry leaders in local church or parachurch ministries in the Middle East.  This program is academically rigorous enough to prepare students to undertake higher theological studies, should they sense the Lord leading them to do so.

- Goals


1. Educational Goals


  • To have a good understanding of oneself, including his/her spiritual gifts, calling, personality, characteristics that affect personal and ministry relationships and preferred learning styles.
  • To possess general knowledge of God's revelation in both Old and New Testaments, with a more detailed knowledge of several selected individual books of the Bible.
  • To have a firm grasp of the historical development of the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith, along with the ability to express and defend them.
  • To produce a statement of one's personal theological beliefs and philosophy of ministry.
  • To possess good study and research skills for life-long learning, as well as an ability to use technology for research and presenting the results of it to others.


2. Spiritual Goals

  • To model a true servant's heart for any position of ministry and leadership that one is given.
  • To possess high standards in personal and ministry ethics as demonstrated through a high level of personal integrity and godly relationships with others. 
  • To evidence a commitment to living out the lordship of Christ in a culture that is dominated by non-Christian values--no matter what the cost.
  • Ability to develop and maintain a plan for continued personal growth.
  • Maintain a high Christian work ethic in whatever job or ministry one undertakes.

3. Ministry Goals

  • Ability to think critically under the authority of God's Word. 
  • Skilled at applying principles of hermeneutics to accurately understand and apply God's Word in contemporary society.
  • Can deliver effective expository messages or lessons that are true to the text and relevant for contemporary Christian living for various age groups.
  • Is competent in sharing one's faith with others.
  • Can develop, plan for, and lead various ministries in the church or in parachurch organizations.
  • Can use God's Word to disciple others and help those who are hurting (emotionally, physically, or spiritually).
  • Gains valuable real-life ministry experience through Field Ministry experiences that are selected to compliment his/her spiritual gifts and calling.

Following is a list of courses required for the B.Th. schedule.  

Course List


Field Ministry (8 hours) – one every semester.

CS 101    

Computer Skills (2 hours ).

RS 101    

Research Methods (2 hours ).

AR 151    

Writing and Composition (Arabic) (2 hours).

EN 400   

Introduction to the English Language (3 hours).

EN 401    

English Comprehension I (2 hours).

EN 402    

English Comprehension II (2 hours).

PM 100   

Introduction to Music and Worship (2 hours).

PM 101   

Expository Preaching (3 hours).

PM 290    

Pastoral Counseling I (3 hours).

PM 291    

Pastoral Counseling II (3 hours).

PM 330   

The Pastoral Ministry (3 hours).

CE 260    

Teaching-Learning Process (3 hours) or elective.

CE 330      

Character in Leadership & the Family (2 hours).

CE 400     

Leadership in Christian Ministry (3 hours) or elective.

PT 110    

Struggle in Spiritual Growth (3 hours).

PT 320     

Christian Marriage (2 hours).

PT 460     

Relationships (2 hours).

PT 470    

Church Growth (2 hours).

BI 101     

Bible Study Methods (3 hours).

OT 101     

Old Testament Survey I (3 hours).

OT 102     

Old Testament Survey II (3 hours).

OT 201     

OT Original Language Grammar I (3 hours).

OT 202     

OT Original Language Grammar II (3 hours).

OT 300     

Independent Study in Old Testament (3 hours).

NT 101     

New Testament Survey I (3 hours).

NT 102     

New Testament Survey II (3 hours).

NT 201

NT Original Language Grammar I (3 hours).

NT 202

NT Original Language Grammar II (3 hours).

NT 300     

Independent Study in New Testament (3 hours).

TH 101   

Survey of Doctrine I (3 hours).

TH 102    

Survey of Doctrine II (3 hours).

TH 103    

Christian Arab Heritage (2 hours).

TH 205    

Ethics (2 hours).

TH 230    

Survey of Church History (3 hours).

TH 250    

Eastern Church History (2 hours).

TH 365    

Historical Geography of Jordan (2 hours).

TH 480    

Senior Theology (3 hours).


Bible Books (12 hours).


Elective (11 hours).

Total 128 Credit Hours