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This four-year program is open to applicants who have a Bachelor degree from a recognized institution and who have successfully completed the TOEFL course.


- Purpose

This program is designed to equip students to gain an advanced knowledge in theology and Bible and to grow as competent expositors or scripture and theological thinkers.  Graduates from this program can serve as pastors, teachers, and leaders in the church, seminary, or other Christian organization and will be academically prepared to pursue doctoral degrees. All Th.M. students are required to have adequately met TOEFL exam requirements in order to qualify for entry into this program. 

- Goals


1. Educational Goals

·     Development of critical thinking, study, and research skills.

·     Possess a solid overview of the historical development of Biblical revelation, along with introductory issues of each book in the Bible.

·       Comprehension of fundamental doctrines and the ability to think theologically about contemporary issues within the context of the Arab world.

·          Firm grasp of Old and New Testament Biblical languages, as well as hermeneutical principles that will facilitate life-long learning of God's Truth.

·     To make an original contribution to the knowledge base of theological, Biblical, pastoral, or educational studies in the Arab world through a thesis.


2. Spiritual Goals

·            Have a humble servant's heart that is evidenced in personal, academic, and ministry pursuits.

·         Is motivated by a personal sense of God's calling and looks for opportunities to use his gifts and knowledge in pointing others to the Savior.

·       Appreciates the role of the church in God's program for this age, and has a commitment to be meaningfully involved in the local church.

·               Spiritually mature enough to disciple others through mentoring relationships.

·            Lives a balanced Christian life, with right priorities and relationships toward God, family, ministry, and a lost world.


3. Ministry Goals

·      Demonstrates exegetical skills in the study of both Old and New Testament texts in the original languages, along with the ability to draw out principles and theological truth to guide the lives of Christians today.

·               Effectiveness in delivering expository sermons focused on life application.

·               Able to make and consistently follow a plan for continued personal growth.

·      Demonstrates character and ministry skills necessary for positions of academic and ministry leadership.

·               Proficiency in doing various types of research.

·             Gains real-life ministry experience over the four years of study that confirms his understanding of his spiritual gifts and calling for ministry.

·           Can use God's Word to counsel those who are hurting.



Following is a list of courses required for the Th.M. Part-time, visiting and auditing students need to organize their course schedule with the Registrar. Please contact the Registrar ( for more information.


Please note: All Th.M. students who do not hold a B.Th. from JETS must organize a sitting of the recorded course RS 501 (Research Methods) with the Librarian within the first semester of study at JETS. This course is only available in the library by DVD and on an audit only basis.


Course List


Field Ministry (7 hours) –  one every semester

(except 4th year 2nd Semester).

EN 540  

Theological English (2 hours).

PM 501   

Expository Preaching (3 hours).

PM 550   

Pastoral Theology (3 hours).

PM 660   

Denominational Distinctives in the Arab World (3 hours).

CE 670   

Teaching Practicum (3 hours).

BI 510     

Arabs in the Bible (3 hours).

PT 510   

Advanced Studies in Spiritual Growth (3 hours).

PT 670   

Advanced Studies in Church Growth (2 hours).

BI 600     

Advanced Hermeneutics (3 hours).

OT 501   

OT Original Language Grammar  I (3 hours).

OT 502   

OT  Original Language Grammar  II (3 hours).

OT 503  

Genesis through Ruth (3 hours). 

OT 504  

1st Samuel through Amos (3 hours). 

OT 505  

Obadiah through Malachi (3 hours).

OT 601   

OT Original Language Exegesis  I (3 hours).

OT 602   

OT Original Language Exegesis  II (3 hours).

OT 603   

Old Testament Backgrounds (2 hours).

NT 501   

NT Original Language Grammar  I (3 hours).

NT 502   

NT Original Language Grammar  II (3 hours).

NT 503   

The Gospels and Acts (3 hours).

NT 504   

The  Pauline Epistles (3 hours).

NT 505   

The General Epistles & Revelation (3 hours).

NT 601   

NT Original Language Exegesis  I (3 hours).

NT 602   

NT Original Language Exegesis  II (3 hours).

NT 603   

New Testament Backgrounds (2 hours).

TH 505   

Advanced Ethics (2 hours).

TH 550    

Advanced Studies in Eastern Church History (2 hours).

TH 570   

Foundations of Christianity (2 hours).

TH 590   

Worldviews (3 hours).

TH 610   

Bibliology (3 hours).

TH 620   

Theology Proper & Trinitarianism (2 hours).

TH 660   

Patrology, Christology & Pneumatology (2 hours).

TH 675   

Soteriology (3 hours).

TH 680    

Ecclesiology (3 hours).

TH 685   

Eschatology (3 hours).

TH 750    

Theological Studies Thesis (3 hours).


Bible Books (12 hours).


Electives (10 hours).

Total 128 Credit Hours