Resident Faculty

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Rev Dr Imad Shehadeh

President and Founder: Senior Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology



Rev Dr Bryson Arthur

Academic Dean; Professor of Systematic Theology 

Dr Hudson Davis

Assistant Professor of Historical Theology 

Dr Sam Yim

Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies 

Dr Colleen Yim

 Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies 

Dr John Chung

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Studies

Mr Chris Dawson

Instructor of Historical Theology 

Mr Wagdy Helmy

Lecturer in Church History 


Mr Eyad Oweis

 Instructor in Theology

Mr Mawia Halasa

Lecturer of  Church History 


Lecturer in Counseling


Haider Halasa

Lecturer in Systematic Theology 


Issa Tannous

Lecturer in Biblical Languages 



Assistant Professor in Theology 

Rula Jildeh

Lecturer in English