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Rev Dr Imad Nicola Shehadeh 

Founder and President of JETS

Senior Professor  of Theology



  B.A. in Biology & Mathematics, University of California, San Diego.

 Th.M. in Hebrew and Old Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary

 Ph.D. in Bible Exposition & Systematic Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary

 Post-doctoral studies - Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven, Belgium (2001-2004)

 Post-doctoral studies - University of Edinburgh (2005 – 2008)


Subject Areas

 Systematic Theology

The Trinity







Books (In Arabic) 

Greek New Testament

Hebrew Old Testament

The Necessity of Diversity in Divine Unity


Articles for Christian magazines and theological journals including: 

Bibliotheca Sacra of Dallas Theological Seminary (English)

Journal of the Middle East Association for Theological Education (English & Arabic)

Journal of the Royal Institute for Interfaith Dialogue in Jordan (Arabic)

Kindred Spirit of Dallas Theological Seminary (English)

Rutherford House in Scotland (English)


Seminary Publications 




Patrology, Pneumatology, Christology


Research Methods


Television Series 

8 TV session & You-Tube on the defense of the faith

26 TV sessions & You-Tube on the Trinity



Online Sermons on:

The Book of John

The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Romans

Various other  Subjects


Present Research 

The Inevitability of the Trinity (Arabic and English)

Commentary on the Book of Romans (Arabic)