Rev Dr Bryson Arthur

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Rev Dr Bryson Arthur

Academic Dean; Professor of Systematic Theology



BD (Hons) University of Glasgow -Systematic Theology

PhD from the University of Glasgow


Subject Areas 

Systematic Theology and Philosophy


Publications (books)

A Theology of Sexuality and Marriage

The Real Church: the GodMan Legacy

Safari into Light 1

Safari into Light 2: the New Morning



The Theodocies of St Augustine and Karl Barth

Prolegomena for a Theology of Existence

Revelation in the Theology of Karl Rahner

Ministry of Reconciliaton

Suffering: with special reference to the Apostle Paul 

Out on a Limb: Theology on Suffering 

Along the Lines of a Theology of Reconciliation with Special Reference to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict 


Conference Papers

Revelation in the Theology of Karl Rahner, Rutherford House

Uniqueness of Christ in the Context of Religious Pluralism

Epistemology of Karl Rahner

Academic Manifesto for Theological Training

Fourfold Ministry in Calvin

Western Individualism in Contrast with African Community

A Theology of Sexuality


Present Research 

Theology of Suffering 

Theology of Forgiveness